Unable To Activate TV Apps on Apple TV

Have you gotten the dreaded “error=”invalid_client”, error_description=”A client id must be provided” error when attempting to watch a channel on your Apple TV or Roku or Amazon Fire Stick? Fear not, we [may] have a solution for you!

Figure I’d share with you since it’s happened to me time and time again. Finding the solution was a bit frustrating, but since I finally found something that worked, I hope those searching for a similar solution find this useful.

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New Life For Your Old Tech (iPad)

Listen, the holiday shopping season just finished. Sure, you’ll be shopping again in a few months, but as of right now, you’ve given or received a bunch of new toys, some for work, some for play. If you have an old tablet, smartphone or MP3 player, here’s a few tips for breathing new life into your electronics.

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