Why you should take first aid training as seriously as gun classes

Listen, I'll be the first to tell you I'm not a prepper or doomsday'er. I don't bottle foods and stockpile ammo preparing for the next zombie apocalypse. Sure, I have a few ideas where I'd go and how I'd survive the apocalypse, but today I'm not writing about that. I'm writing about an interesting article [...]


Teaching my son about guns

My son and I made a video documenting our first shooting range visit of 2019. Our friend Ryan invited us to come shoot and we brought a pistol and a revolver to the outdoor range. It was a great time, and my favorite part was watching my son shoot the the Ruger SP-101 Revolver and [...]

2018 Waterbury Patriots Game 1 against the Hartford Hurricanes

Thank you to the parents volunteered with the water, fruits, snacks, oranges… means a lot! Game summary: We Got our butts whooped by a very good team. The 2017 Hartford Hurricanes were 8-0 at both age groups. (JV 8-0 and PW 8-0). They’ve been to the National Tournament 2 out of the last 3 years. [...]

2018 Waterbury Patriots JV Scrimmage

Football season is here! It felt like it would never arrive, but boy am I glad its finally upon us. I'm happy to be asked to assistant-coach the 2018 Waterbury Patriots Junior Varsity team along with some awesome coaches. Our athletes have been training for the better part of a month and today (at the [...]

2017 Connecticut Bombers Football Game 1 vs. Silver City Wolves

Last yeart I had the opportunity to volunteer my time record our local football team's Home Opener game at Crosby High School. I brought along my son and our friend to watch, as they're huge football fans and play for the local Waterbury Patriots Youth Football and Cheer association. We couldn't have asked for a [...]