Sentry BT250 Bluetooth Headphones Review

I love music.

I listen when I’m on the road, editing videos, working out, or listening to podcasts at work. With that said, there’s many headphones for many people, and they all serve different purposes. These headphones serve a specific purpose for me: to use when I’m exercising and don’t want to lug around a smartphone. These are the set I’ve been sticking in my gym bag, and charge once or twice a week.

I workout for about 45 mins 2-3 times a week (trying to lose some girth!) and thats about as long as these headphones go in between charges.

These Sentry Bluetooth Headphones are cheap (under $20 USD), don’t take up too much space, and are easy (intuitive) to operate.

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Pelican Protector iPhone Case Review

Pelican Protector iPhone 6/6s/7 review.

If you’re like me, you want to protect your investment/tech tools. As soon as I purchase a new smartphone the next big investment is a protective case.

I picked up the Pelican Protector series for my work phone because of it’s “Military IMG_5007Grade MIL-810G” Standard. Not sure what that means, but it’s supposed to be pretty tough.

Some of the features include Military Grade Drop Protection, a Rugged/Drop (phone landing on its corner/edge) tolerance, and includes a 2-Layer Structural Design.

All that marketing stuff aside, the phone is pretty badass. Continue reading “Pelican Protector iPhone Case Review”

Federal Premium Low Recoil Ammo

Today I’m writing a review on my experience with the Federal Premium Ammunition Low Recoil Personal Defense Ammo.

I picked up a few boxes of these rounds in both .45 and 9mm, as this is the caliber I typically carry.

Federal claims the personal defense (hollow point to prevent unnecessary bullet travel) low recoil rounds img_4910“Significantly reduces recoil.” I can’t confirm whether recoil was indeed reduced significantly. I shot regular FMJ rounds of the same caliber, out of the same gun, back to back, and didn’t notice a ‘significant’ reduction in recoil.

I did notice it was slightly less recoil, but nothing I would boast about. Then again, my sample size was relatively small, as I only shot about 10 rounds in both .45 and 9mm. Continue reading “Federal Premium Low Recoil Ammo”

2016 Blue Trail Shooting Range Review

Whats up everyone!

A few days ago my good friend and I went to the shooting range and let out a few rounds. This was my first dscn0035time at the Blue Trail Shooting Range in Wallingford ( and here’s my initial impressions:

We decided to go to an outdoor range since we were going to be shooting a pretty nice rifle. We visited during the middle of the week, end of December, and found it to be a great time to check it out!

The range gets REALLY busy on weekends, but this week we found it to be very quiet (besides the firing of course) and not too busy. I’m sure the 30+ degree weather helped with the noise reduction… you know, but keeping a bunch of shooters off the range =) Continue reading “2016 Blue Trail Shooting Range Review”

JETech Apple Watch Band UNBOXING and Review

Thanks for taking the time to check out my JETech Apple Watch Band Review for the 42mm Apple Watch Series 2. Below you will see a video of me unboxing the band, and what are my first impressions on the 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 replacement band, made by JETech (link)

There’s a link to the video review below. But if you rather read the summary, keep on reading =)

Alright, so after much consideration and patience, I went ahead and purchased an Apple Watch. I’ve always had a thing for watches, and as the wearable industry continues to grow, I am excited to see the innovative products we’re developing. Continue reading “JETech Apple Watch Band UNBOXING and Review”