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So here’s the deal, I’m certainly not a beer snob. I enjoy beers with flavors, and while I can down a few water-like beers (Coronas, Miller Light, Budweiser, etc.) they’re typically not my go-to beers. Like many of you, I prefer thicker, more flavorful brews – but I don’t pretend to know all of the lingo or basics. Sure, I’ve visited my fair share of breweries and ciders (see my review of Angry Orchards back in 2017), and I’ll be visiting a few more this upcoming year, but that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to run of the mill big-beer brands.

After years of chasing trends and trading cans, long-time craft drinkers are relaxing into low-key pilsners and (gasp) macro lagers.
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For the past two years I’ve enjoyed craft brews almost exclusively. But like the article above attests, palette fatigue is real!

In the past few months I’ve deferred back to flavorful alternatives like Shock Top, Blue Moon, etc. This is not to say Micro Brewing is dead… far from it. But as this NPR Planet Money podcast shows, Craft Beers might’ve hit their peak. Continue reading “Craft Beer’s Post-Snob Era Is Here | VinePair”


My 2017 Year In Review

2017 was an amazing year. In the 2017 Year In Review video I share some of the most special moments, and reflect on my 2018 goals for this channel. Nothing too specific, more of a 30,000 foot view.

This year started great. I made a few reviews and unboxing videos, took my better half on a weekend getaway, took the family camping/cabin’ing at a local state park. We visited a few trails, performed a few live events on Facebook (for our business), traveled to Vermont and did a brewery ‘run’ at a buddy’s bachelor party.

Off-camera life was even better. The kids are doing great in school, sports and in life. As they say, they’re “well adjusted” and I am very grateful for that. We have another National Science Honor Society inductee, a Junior Olympian qualifier, and an awesome young adult adulting.

(Thats a phrase right?) Continue reading “My 2017 Year In Review”

2017 Nutmeg State Games, Track and Field

This video shows our visit and participation in the 2017 Nutmeg State (Connecticut) Track and Field Games. The event took place in Veterans Memorial Stadium, in New Britain, Connecticut.

Big shout out to our Lets Go Youth United Track and field Coaches:

  • Coach Nicole
  • Coach Ralph
  • Coach Quincy
  • Coach Brianna

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Green House Attempt

Hope everyone’s having a terrific start to their summer. In the video below we take you along as we visit one of our favorite Connecticut sites, Autumn Harvest Orchard, located in Norfolk, Connecticut.

We came up to help the farm set up a Green House (installing a liner). We had a great time, chatted up, met some awesome folks (check out Tony’s Pure Fitness channel here) and obviously tried to get the liner up. Unfortunately, strong winds made the top feel like a Kite and flung us around pretty good. We decided to pack up the liner and try again on a less breezy/windy day.  Continue reading “Green House Attempt”

‘Proof’ Eli Manning was in on Giants memorabilia scheme

Word around town is my close, personal [imaginary] friend, Eli Manning, was involved in a scheme to fraud others by passing off sports memorabilia as in-game worn. The “smoking gun” is an old aol email from Eli and a Giants equipment manager Joe Skiba that reportedly states:

2 helmets that can pass as game used. That is it. Eli

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