Glimpse of Light Gala 2018

On Saturday, March 24, 2018 we had the honor of attending the Let’s Go Youth United Glimpse of Light Gala at Waterbury Veteran’s Memorial City Hall.

The Glimpse of Light Gala is an event dedicated to showcase, highlight and commemorate the great contributions made by our community members as they illuminate our community – with special emphasis on our Waterbury youth.

The entire evening was fantastic and we are honored to have been invited to attend. The event was hosted by talented (and hilarious) comedian Think Floyd.

Chemist Mr. David B. Love was a delightful speaker. Mr. Love is a waterbury native who has dedicated his life to promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Read about Mr. Love’s  Modern-day Technology Leader’s award here.

This evening Let’s Go Youth United celebrated the following award recipients.

  • Golden Hands Award – Cindy Senyah Baah
  • The Voice of Light Award – Senator Joan Hartley
  • Beam of Light Award – Principal Jade Gopie
  • Light it Up! Everyday Hero Award – Rodney Davis
  • Spark of Light Award – Joselle Lewis
  • Spark of Change Award – Warren Leach
  • Glipse of Light Award – Kelvin Davis

The Glimpse of Light Gala recognized the Let’s Go Youth United children and Jr. Coaches, as well as commended their 2017 season accomplishments.

In closing, the ceremony commended the following community members as Circle of Light

Jacquee Porter | Nakia Riddick | Rochelle Barnes

Darius Butler | Erica Resto | Dashona Lamar

Susan Goodman | Angel Rosario (yours truly!) | Henry Bond

Mary DeLeon | Coach Quincey Williams

Coach Ralph Degroate | Jr. Coach Brianne Pittman

Jr. Coach Jose Tejada | Darry Thomas | Gretchen Ruiz

Rivera Memorial Foundation

See the full gallery of the Glimpse of Light Gala

Big thanks to the amazing sponsors helping make the evening possible:

The Human Experience by Custodio Gomes

NATWERKS catering events

100.9 The Beat

Sassy Girl Creations

Simply Beautiful Event Planning

Noble 365 Enterprise

FreeTHEM Inc.

Flyers 24-7

Lets Go Youth United

Warrior Princess, Inc.


Sights of Waterbury – Cherry Street

Ever notice how much beauty surrounds you when you take a moment and pay attention? Beauty is nearly everywhere, as long as you look close enough. Take these sights around the City of Waterbury.

This mural was found near the intersection of Cherry Street and Camp Street. The Mural is painted around the walls of the Pride Cultural Center.

I particularly enjoy this mural because it showcases a powerful message that’s as relevant today as its always been.

Vote, Believe It. One Vote Can make a Difference.

The powerful and colorful image is painted on a deteriorated, cracked, retaining wall in a very worn out part of the city. I cant help but wonder how others interpret the juxtaposition of such a message being displayed in a part of town known for needing the much help.

While researching this mural I encountered an article by the New Haven Register titled

Outdoor murals that inspire, instruct gain respect of passers-by as public art

WATERBURY — Out of concrete and paint emerges art. Out of this art rise stories, tourism and lessons in history.

Here’s an excerpt from the article, and the corresponding pictures, as of March 2018.

The cornucopia of color wraps around the PRIDE building, up a side street and creeps back to street level on the walls of neighboring Gabe’s United Tyre.

“We started this here way back in the 1960s during the war on poverty,” said Kay Wyrick, youth adviser for PRIDE, an organization she founded in 1967. “I thought it was a great idea because in them days, the community was run down and looked bad.”

Each mural illustrates a story or lesson that Wyrick hopes passers-by heed.

Black figures and leaders, like the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., stare from a Mount Rushmore-esque mountain on one of the center’s doors.

On the front of Gabe’s United Tyre, a young black girl tugs her elders toward a polling place in a bygone era. The scene continues around the corner, where Union soldiers in blue uniforms stand guard on the wall.

I didn’t grow up in this city, but it’s quickly become my home. I invite you to stop on by, or merely take notice of the public art displayed in your own community and share it with us, we’d love to see your neck of the woods.