This week's photo prompt was #monochrome Basically, it was to take pictures in black and white, with varying shades of gray. Or is it grey? I can't ever figure out what the correct spelling of the color is - so from here on out I'm only saying monochrome 😋 Here's a few snaps from the [...]


From Behind

This week we were prompted to take a picture From Behind. The most interesting pictures from the day were a throwback of Raquel shooting at the range, and my son petting our dog right before heading off to school in the morning. 

Glimpse of Light Gala 2018

On Saturday, March 24, 2018 we had the honor of attending the Let's Go Youth United Glimpse of Light Gala at Waterbury Veteran's Memorial City Hall. The Glimpse of Light Gala is an event dedicated to showcase, highlight and commemorate the great contributions made by our community members as they illuminate our community - with [...]