Moving to a Hosted Account

Thank you for walking with me for these past 6 months. I have enjoyed publishing content and sharing posts with you all. I hope you enjoyed reading the content as well. I invite you to bookmark and follow me as I move to a new site,  I will be publishing the same level of content on the [...]


How To Start a Successful Business, Here’s the Plan!

How To Start a Successful Business, Here’s the Plan!   American Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “The future belongs to those that prepare for it” What that means to me is that if you want to be successful at something, say, establishing a business, you have to prepare for it. One way to prepare [...]

Handmade Business in 31 Days

  Pricing for Success A few months ago I read a very interesting article written by Maggie Whittey from GusseySews,com. The article, titled "Handmade Business in 31 days" covers a few great points business owners may sometimes neglect.  Specifically, the author poses a few key factors we need to know to accurately price handmade items (or services for [...]

Etsy Shop Owner’s Guide: How to run a profitable business is a marketplace for handcrafted products. Here you will find a host of varying products and services. Many of the wonderful shop owners are artists that create custom orders, as well as offer their own original designs. Etsy charges a small percentage of each sale, and a few cents (about $.20) to list each [...]