2018 Danbury Railroad Museum

Here’s a look at our 2018 trip to the Danbury Railroad museum.

On our way to visit our favorite Danbury family pizza shop, Francos Deli and Pizza, we stopped by the Danbury Railway Museum for a tour, a ride and some history.

We’ve driven past this station/museum numerous times but always in passing through the town. Today we made it a point to make this our staycation destination.

I work in the manufacturing environment, my dad was an Electrical engineer, and we love gadgets at. home. Needless to say, we enjoyed the heck out of the innovation and history learned this day.



Butterflies in Flight at Hawk Ridge Winery, Watertown Connecticut

Earlier this summer we had the pleasure of attending the Butterflies in Flight Paint Night at Hawk Ridge Winery in Watertown Connecticut.

We started the day by enjoying a stroll around the winery, and participating in a wine tasting of a few different wines. They were all amazing! (don’t take my word for it, come on down or order your own bottle and tell us what you think).

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2018 Waterbury Patriots Skills and Drills

Here’s a quick snapshot of our 2018 skills and drills training before the football season starts.

For more info on signing up for the 2018 Waterbury Patriots Tackle and Cheer teams contact wtbypatriotsinfo@gmail.com or check out the Waterbury Patriots Youth Football and Cheering Association facebook page. All children ages 5-14 are welcomed.

If you’re a coach, a volunteer or a parent looking for info on safe football practices, check out http://www.USAFootball.com or http://www.nflfoundation.org/youth-football as they have great information on running safe programs.

Here’s another goodie:

I began my knowledge in youth football as a parent, the following year I was a parent volunteer, and I’ve been assistant coaching since then. I figure if my son is going to be playing the sport I might as well be engage, knowledgeable and help in any way I can. We’re all volunteers, so every little bit of assistance helps.

New Season, New Changes

Its about that time of the year where I start shooting a bunch of sports videos. Our running club started outdoor track a few weeks ago and we’ve now competed in a few Track and Field Meets. 

Our running club, CT Let’s Go Youth United, is holding practices a few times a week and we’re competing every week or every other week.

I’m taking this time to step it up, literally. I’m part of the 5 quarters of Americans (do the math) that are overweight and fat. Sucks to say that but its the truth. So anyways, while the kids are working out I’ll be doing the same by walking the track and jogging. In about 2 months we’ll be starting Pop Warner Football so I have to make sure I have the energy to keep up with our athletes.

Youth Sports aside, I need to get my sh*t in order and get serious about my health. I get checkups all the time, and I’m not ill or anything, I just have to get my body back. Diet, portion control, burning fat and building muscle. 

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DiGrazia Vineyards Wild Blue Too Wine Review

I told you before we’re not beer or wine snobs. Sure, I enjoy my fare share of spirits, but I don’t have any culinary or beveragary (is that a word?) training on drinks. In fact, I feel bad for folks who’s refine palette   prevents them from enjoying a regular ole brew. So if you’re looking for a breathtaking review that covers every nuance of a fine wine, sorry, but this ain’t it.

I’m a regular dude that enjoys regular stuff, and I speak in regular terms, so if you’re cool with that, keep on reading!


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