Lyman Orchards 2017 Pumpkin Picking

Join us on this trip to Lyman Orchards during October 2017.

We had a great time on an unusually warm New England fall pumpkin picking trip.

We ate apple donuts, ice cream, drank apple cider, walked through a corn maze, rode in a hay ride around the property, checked out the pumpkin patch, visited the store and picked out some pumpkins!


Equipment used to record:

iPhone 6

Canon 80D

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SCREW IT! Ryobi 4V Screwdriver Review

SCREW [drive] IT!

What’s up everyone. In case you didn’t know, our family owns and operates a small online boutique called where we offer personalized, wooden items ranging from decorative birdhouses to retirement chest and barware. So every now and again you’ll find me doing a review for a tool we typically use in our workshop. That’s where this review comes in.

As we make items that require us to drill or screw in tight spaces (easy now!) we found that having a small, handheld [powered] screwdriver is a lifesaver! For the past few years I’ve defaulted to the ‘man up!’ strategy and just used a screwdriver. Well, after several hundred boxes and much cussing when I can’t quite reach the angle or torque needed, I caved and decided to pick up a hand-held, powered screwdriver.  Continue reading “SCREW IT! Ryobi 4V Screwdriver Review”

2017 Three-Day Getaway in Hudson Valley

This summer feels like it flew by. Between doing a bit of fishing, driving the kids to outdoor track and field, volunteering at community events, going camping and of course, working, this summer was here and gone before we knew it! But a few weeks before summer escaped us we managed to take a two-some three-day getaway to one of our favorite areas, Hudson Valley, New York.

On the first day we stopped by one of our favorite delis ( in Danbury Connecticut, and on the way to New York we checked out some trains at the Danbury Railway Museum. Continue reading “2017 Three-Day Getaway in Hudson Valley”

Pressure Cooker Crock Pot Beef Bourguignon

I don’t care if its Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter… I love me some warm, tender, juicy beef stew draped over white rice. Well, I found a Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon recipe on Pinterest, and decided to give it a try.

I changed a few recipe details, so feel free to do the same according to your taste. For instance, this recipe is for a slow cooker, but we made ours in a pressure cooker because we didn’t start cooking early enough. #LifeHappens. The pressure cooker recipe takes about 1-hour to cook, about 20 minutes of prep time. Continue reading “Pressure Cooker Crock Pot Beef Bourguignon”

2017 week 1 Giants vs. Cowboys

Quick rant. Coach McAdoo hasn’t mcAdone nothing about our offense in three years. He’s been in New York since the 2015

Ron Jenkins | AP Photo

season, and he was responsible for the offense for all of these years. Here’s the rub… the Giant’s offensive line is offensive. They aren’t opening running lanes, the quarterback has zero time to make reads and throw the football, and the running game has yet to kick in after all these years.

Understatement of the year: having a running attack is crucial, because without it, your team is a one-dimensional puzzle that is easy to solveContinue reading “2017 week 1 Giants vs. Cowboys”