Spicy Mango-Rita

Have you Had the Spicy Coconut Mango-rita?

This spicy mother lover is a margarita that looks great, smells sweet, tastes spicy and delicious! The consistency is thick, something similar to a smoothie, but definitely nowhere near as healthy.

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New Season, New Changes

Its about that time of the year where I start shooting a bunch of sports videos. Our running club started outdoor track a few weeks ago and we’ve now competed in a few Track and Field Meets. 

Our running club, CT Let’s Go Youth United, is holding practices a few times a week and we’re competing every week or every other week.

I’m taking this time to step it up, literally. I’m part of the 5 quarters of Americans (do the math) that are overweight and fat. Sucks to say that but its the truth. So anyways, while the kids are working out I’ll be doing the same by walking the track and jogging. In about 2 months we’ll be starting Pop Warner Football so I have to make sure I have the energy to keep up with our athletes.

Youth Sports aside, I need to get my sh*t in order and get serious about my health. I get checkups all the time, and I’m not ill or anything, I just have to get my body back. Diet, portion control, burning fat and building muscle. 

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Unable To Activate TV Apps on Apple TV

Have you gotten the dreaded “error=”invalid_client”, error_description=”A client id must be provided” error when attempting to watch a channel on your Apple TV or Roku or Amazon Fire Stick? Fear not, we [may] have a solution for you!

Figure I’d share with you since it’s happened to me time and time again. Finding the solution was a bit frustrating, but since I finally found something that worked, I hope those searching for a similar solution find this useful.

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2017 Connecticut Bombers Football Game 1 vs. Silver City Wolves

Last yeart I had the opportunity to volunteer my time record our local football team’s Home Opener game at Crosby High School.

I brought along my son and our friend to watch, as they’re huge football fans and play for the local Waterbury Patriots Youth Football and Cheer association. We couldn’t have asked for a better night, the game was awesome! Continue reading “2017 Connecticut Bombers Football Game 1 vs. Silver City Wolves”