We Dined at Tata’s Restaurant in Wallingford, Connecticut

Listen, you and I both know I [over]enjoy a meal or two. But I promise you I’m actively working on my diet, portion and activity goals. With that said, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit a local restaurant we LOOOOOVE. Sadly, I don’t frequent this part of Connecticut as often as I’d like, but when I can make the time, we’re here enjoying a delicious meal.

Raquel and I came to Tata’s restaurant and noticed the restaurant moved locations over the past year. The interior decor is still familiar and welcoming. Continue reading “We Dined at Tata’s Restaurant in Wallingford, Connecticut”


Hoe Garden Visit, Bronx, NYC

So our son was spending a week in NYC with Grandma and Grandpa. We decided to make a day-trip out of it and drive down to the Bronx. My father in law is part of a community garden located between two buildings.

They’ve cleaned out the area, made several raised beds and planted fruits, vegetables and a ton of other healthy stuff.

Each member of the garden has access to whatever they plant, and as far as I can tell they use it for their own personal use and share it with their family/friends.

Seems like a pretty neat idea and its encouraging to see that even in a dense area like NYC, you can grow vegetables, fruits, plants, etc.

Afterwards we took a trip to another NYC treasure, City Island! Continue reading “Hoe Garden Visit, Bronx, NYC”

2018 Waterbury Patriots Skills and Drills

Here’s a quick snapshot of our 2018 skills and drills training before the football season starts.

For more info on signing up for the 2018 Waterbury Patriots Tackle and Cheer teams contact wtbypatriotsinfo@gmail.com or check out the Waterbury Patriots Youth Football and Cheering Association facebook page. All children ages 5-14 are welcomed.

If you’re a coach, a volunteer or a parent looking for info on safe football practices, check out http://www.USAFootball.com or http://www.nflfoundation.org/youth-football as they have great information on running safe programs.

Here’s another goodie:

I began my knowledge in youth football as a parent, the following year I was a parent volunteer, and I’ve been assistant coaching since then. I figure if my son is going to be playing the sport I might as well be engage, knowledgeable and help in any way I can. We’re all volunteers, so every little bit of assistance helps.