Unable To Activate TV Apps on Apple TV

Have you gotten the dreaded “error=”invalid_client”, error_description=”A client id must be provided” error when attempting to watch a channel on your Apple TV or Roku or Amazon Fire Stick? Fear not, we [may] have a solution for you!

Figure I’d share with you since it’s happened to me time and time again. Finding the solution was a bit frustrating, but since I finally found something that worked, I hope those searching for a similar solution find this useful.

So I have Apple TV 📺 at home, but the same error can happen on your Roku or Amazon Fire Stick.

I also have Xfinity (COMCAST) as a cable service provider.

Every so often you’re required to sign into the TV apps (ABC, NBC, etc.) and activate the account by going to the TV network’s “activate” page and entering an activation code.

The problem we’ve been having is whenever we attempt to activate the code via our tablet or phone, we get the following error message:

error=”invalid_client”, error_description=”A client id must be provided”

This does not allow you to sign in (on the Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, etc.). What we found works is, activate through a desktop computer. Like, a desktop, laptop, etc. NOT a mobile device.

Once you do this, it should work.

Here’s a link to the XFinity Support Forum where we found a solution to the “error=”invalid_client”, error_description=”A client id must be provided error.



2 thoughts on “Unable To Activate TV Apps on Apple TV

  1. Actually, that doesn’t work all the time and the xfinity customer service is practically useless. What worked for me was using a different browser to enter the code and sign in.


    1. Thanks for the advice! On mobile I tried chrome to no avail. But I don’t think I tried the computer’s different browsers. I’ll do that next time i have to re-activate it. Thx for the tip!


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