New Life For Your Old Tech (iPad)

Listen, the holiday shopping season just finished. Sure, you’ll be shopping again in a few months, but as of right now, you’ve given or received a bunch of new toys, some for work, some for play. If you have an old tablet, smartphone or MP3 player, here’s a few tips for breathing new life into your electronics.

Some of my favorite tips include turning your old tablet into an organizer. Keep it at home in a convenient spot, and use it to update your family’s calendar.

How about using it as a dedicated recipe book or eReader?

In my case, I keep an old iPad in our workshop and it serves as my media center. If I need to take a quick picture for a DIY project, keep an updated shopping list, project list, or simply stream music, the tablet serves a great multimedia purpose.

Here’s a few more tips from pexpel way smarter than I am:

How Do YOU Reuse and Repurpose Your Old Tech? Any Tips Not Listed Above?


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