2016 Blue Trail Shooting Range Review

Whats up everyone!

A few days ago my good friend and I went to the shooting range and let out a few rounds. This was my first dscn0035time at the Blue Trail Shooting Range in Wallingford (www.bluetrailrange.com) and here’s my initial impressions:

We decided to go to an outdoor range since we were going to be shooting a pretty nice rifle. We visited during the middle of the week, end of December, and found it to be a great time to check it out!

The range gets REALLY busy on weekends, but this week we found it to be very quiet (besides the firing of course) and not too busy. I’m sure the 30+ degree weather helped with the noise reduction… you know, but keeping a bunch of shooters off the range =)

The range is clean, organized, and offers a few amenities. There’s a public restroom outside, a snack shack dscn0040(wasn’t open this time around), a nicely stocked shop where you can pick up pistols, rifles, shotguns, ammo, targets, etc.

The range is a good size, about 30+ lanes or so, and spreads out about 100 yards. The pistol range is next to the rifle range.

Across the street there’s a skeet range for shotguns (review coming within the next few months). During this visit we stayed on the rifle and pistol ranges.
My friend brought his FN SPR A3G and I brought a few pistols. Two Glocks (Glock 19 Gen 4 and Glock 30 Gen 4), and a Ruger (SR-1911 in .45).

The range offers numerous classes such as

  • NRA pistol certification classes
  • Private and Group instructions
  • Hunting instructions

There are a bunch of Events and Clubs you can join. Some examples are:

  • JR Rifle Clubs
  • Womens Pistol Clubs
  • Parties and Events
  • Corporate Outings

Overall, this was a fun experience and I’m happy to share with you guys some of the pics and videos from our visit.

Stay tuned for more!

Do you enjoy sports shooting? What are some of the things you look for in a range? I’d love to interact with you so please comment below and let me know what YOU think!




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