JETech Apple Watch Band UNBOXING and Review

Thanks for taking the time to check out my JETech Apple Watch Band Review for the 42mm Apple Watch Series 2. Below you will see a video of me unboxing the band, and what are my first impressions on the 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 replacement band, made by JETech (link)

There’s a link to the video review below. But if you rather read the summary, keep on reading =)

Alright, so after much consideration and patience, I went ahead and purchased an Apple Watch. I’ve always had a thing for watches, and as the wearable industry continues to grow, I am excited to see the innovative products we’re developing.

I purchased a smartwatch because I want to explore the productivity enhancement potential of the Apple Watch. I already own an activity tracker which I love (the Fitbit Charge), so walking around with an electronic wrist device has been the norm for the past two years.

I am a relatively active guy. I work in both a business setting part of the week, and in a woodworking workshop for the rest of the week. I want a  wrist band that looks good in an office setting, or in a [saw] dusty workshop. I purchased the Apple Watch with Sport Band to in the workshop or gym, and this JETech smart watch band to wear to the office.

First off, there’s a plethora of third-party vendors and manufacturers online, and I based Apple Watch Band Reviewsmy selection on a combination of looks/style (vanity point!), function, and nearly as important if not more – customer reviews.

JETech’s Stainless Steel Smart Watch Band for the Apple Watch 42mm Series 2 averages 4.5 to 5 stars on Amazon. The retail price is $20, and with 760+ positive reviews, it’s worth a good look.


The watch came nicely wrapped. I wont go into a bunch of detail relating to the packaging because people rarely make a purchase based on packaging. But as a marketing dude, I will note my appreciation for the care shown with this package. The wrist band came wrapped in protective tape, plastic covers, and cushioned.

In the Box

You get your wrist watch band, a tool to remove links, in case you need to make your band smaller, and multi-language instructions. All items were neatly packaged inside the box. Thumbs up.

First Impression

Although the item was made in China, the band had no scratches, wear, bootlegerry [made that word up], and felt solid. It wasn’t heavy, but it didn’t feel loose, flimsy or cheap. It felt like a solid piece of stainless steel, which is a good thing.



… was a breeze. All you have to do is uninstall the stock Apple Watch band, and these slide right in place. I can’t even describe how easy it was.

The only tip I can offer is to unclasp the band before sliding in both sides otherwise you have to use a bit of force to align the band and the watch sliding thingy. Thingy. That’s another fine technical term for you.

The Wear

The Apple watch felt very comfortable on my wrist. It wasn’t too loose or tight. The band may be slightly tighter than I would prefer, but remember what I said about working out? Time to hit the bricks and elliptical. Hashtag #BeachBody2017 begins now! =)

Anyways, feels good on my skin, it does not have any rough abrasive edges and does not pinch.


Thumbs up on price, looks, and feel. The watch band works as designed, the item arrived quickly and the price is very reasonable to me right now.

Feel free to comment below or tweet me if you’d like to know more about this piece. So far, my experience with third-party bands is a positive one so explore the possibilities, pick up a few bands and have fun!

In case you’re unable to see the YouTube video, here’s a summary of what you would’ve see me doing:

  • Unboxing the JETech Smartwatch Band
  • Remove the Apple Watch sport band
  • Install the silver stainless steel strap
  • Give you my honest impression of the band

I also show you guys my Smartphone Stand and Apple Watch Docking station. Here’s a link to those:

Smartphone and Apple Watch Docking Station

Apple Watch Charging Dock

Industrial Pipe Watch Stand

Other than the JETech band, which isn’t an affiliate link or anything, the rest of the items are things I’ve made and have available for purchase on our family business’ website. If you choose to purchase anything, please know that we genuinely appreciate your support of our small, veteran-owned and operated family business. 


Thanks for watching, reading, and thank you in advance for liking, sharing, and providing your support!



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