So You Want to Make a Whole Bunch of T-Shirts

At (I’ve transferred this blog unto that new, self-hosted site) I shared an interesting blog post that covers many aspects of starting and running a  profitable online store. I selected to share this article because it highlights some considerations you should make before launching your own business venture. Click here to follow this article in full at the new site.
Launching a physical product with an on-demand service is a great opportunity, but before you market and solicit that first sale, make sure you have your policies (shipping, returns, etc.) drafted and clearly posted.

Before launching our own online shop,  my wife and I established shop policies to help our customers understand our return policy, shipping, as well as some ground rules for ordering any of our very personalized and custom items. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to read we had covered many of the ‘checks’ highlighted on the article listed below.
Take a look yourself, and please feel free to share any comments, questions or suggestions.

So You Want to Make a Whole Bunch of T-Shirts | Dispatches from the Union.


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