Why Contract Management Benefits from Automation @ Contract Management Software Blog

Why Contract Management Benefits from Automation @ Contract Management Software Blog.

The preceding article illustrates some excellent reasons contract management benefits from automation .  I particularly enjoyed the importance and benefits placed on  central location and storage of contract clauses. Unfortunately, a major drawback to lack of compliance or contract performance has been ignorance/unawareness of contractual responsibilities by departments/sections responsible for accomplishing a task. Keeping departments involved on changes (modifications), seeking suggestions or recommendations can further help the NEXT set of contracts being solicited and adequate compliance to the current contract(s).

Over the next few weeks I will be publishing articles designed to provide insight on industry leading practices any business can benefit from. Stay Tuned!



Turning Your Hobby Into a Full Time Job, in 8 simple steps

Congrats on making the decision to turn your passion into a career. Whether you want to kick up the level from hobby to part-time/full-time work, the first and most important step is to make the decision to commit to start. Many business ideas never get off the ground because we spend too much time thinking about the perfect plan, and often get discouraged or forget to actually START taking any sort of action towards achieving our goal.

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What inspires your business? 8-tips to consider NOW

As I browsed one of my LinkedIn groups I came upon a discussion where a fellow group member asked us “What inspires you and your business.”

I find this a very interesting question as it gets the entrepreneurs, business managers, or anyone really, to contemplate on what is their goal, dreams and aspirations. What motivates, inspires, and drives you? At least that’s how I interpreted the question.

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NYC, Veteran’s Clothing Giveaway, Devil Dog USA Inc.

I am proud to support the 2014 Devil Dog USA Inc. Veterans clothing Giveaway going on tomorrow in The Bronx, NYC.

Please stop by and help spread the word to fellow veterans and their families in their time of need. 

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Business Ethics, a real life approach for students

A few months ago I read an article titled “Can Business Ethics be Taught?” written by Professor Craig Barkacs.  The article discusses how smart, intelligent and successful public figures have come under scrutiny due to their moral lapses and questionable behavior.  The article continues to discuss how

“Formal ethics training also introduces business leaders to the different levels of moral reasoning.”

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