Government Property: The Parable of the Benevolent Uncle

Story Written By Mr. Art Reed

Once upon a time there were three industrious young brothers who were blessed with a benevolent Uncle.

Each of the three young men had his own successful business. One built planes, one built trucks, and one built boats.

One reason they were so successful was that their benevolent Uncle bought many of their planes, trucks and boats.

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Creating Sustainable and Interesting Content Your Audience Will Appreciate

Businesses, groups and individuals like myself all publish articles and/or blog posts with some intention behind it. We want to share our point of view, or some other relevant information to others. Our content and goal may vary greatly, but at the end of the day, we want to reach an audience, and hopefully, this audience absorbs our message, spreads the word, and comes back for more.

In order to keep your readers interested it is popular belief that you need to publish unique, and fresh content. After a while though, you may start to feel like you’ve run out of ideas to write about Somewhat like experiencing Writer’s Block. Like many writers, I often wonder how others come up with their content. Case in point, this is probably the reason you’re reading this article right now. Well, rest easy, I will be providing some tips and insight on what I feel helps authors create sustainable content your audience will appreciate. Continue reading “Creating Sustainable and Interesting Content Your Audience Will Appreciate”

Managing Through a Storm

Guest Author: Raquel Rosario

Stormy ShipIt’s only been two weeks since the women’s clothing retail store where I was an assistant manager finally closed after a two month liquidation process. The past two months of liquidation were pretty darn frustrating and at times felt like there was no end in sight. While some of the most frustrating challenges faced at my store were out of our control, this article will give you some suggestions from our ‘lessons learned’ and help you navigate and lead through similar issues you might face in your workplace.

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India Through the Lens: A Year of Memorable Moments Part 1

The Wandering Nomads

“The journey itself is my home.”


365 days of homestays, high altitude cycling, and beautiful landscapes throughout India.

Delhi is a harsh place where poverty and wealth are seen in such extremes living side by side. The rickshaw drivers are considered some of the poorest people, often times not even making enough to eat though they risk their life and health daily as they pedal people around this very chaotic city.



I was able to visit the lotus temple, a Baha’i temple located in Delhi.


One of my first “local” experiences was cutting grass for a few days with these ladies near Manali. During the fall they frantically collect as much as they can in order to feed their cows throughout the snowy winter. Every evening they invited me back for tea and food in their homes after we were finished working.




Cycling through this area enabled (or…

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Internal Audits: why even bother??

As many entrepreneurs, CEOs and business managers can attest, days at ‘the office’ are more often than not filled with tasks and responsibilities geared towards maximizing  profits.  Some examples include developing new services and products, marketing the brand, and strategically planning ways to reach or surpass the company’s mission, vision and goals.
As such, it is more important now than ever for organizations to decrease costs by increasing efficiency.  In my experience, identifying shortcomings and improvements through internal audits will exponentially increase effectiveness and reduce waste of resources (labor, materials, equipment, etc.).

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